Are you thinking about making your kitchen more beautiful? Cabinet painting is one way to revitalize your kitchen without spending a lot of time and money. As you determine which surfaces to paint and what the overall color scheme should be, make sure you aren’t overlooking your kitchen island.

The kitchen island is a focal point in the room. It draws the eye and has a significant impact on the look and feel of the kitchen as a whole. When hiring a painting contractor to work on your kitchen, consider what changes you want to make to the island.

Kitchen Island Color Choices

Which color should you choose for your kitchen island? The decision depends on multiple factors, including your personal taste and the style and color scheme of the room. After discussing your preferences and evaluating your kitchen, your painting contractor will be able to advise you on the best choices.

The following are some popular colors:


If your kitchen island is painted black, it can give the room a feeling of greater depth. Black fits well with many other colors and can look elegant and stylish. It can also match with other features in the room, such as appliances and light fixtures of the same color.


Gray is a classic choice with subtly powerful effects. This neutral color can give balance to some of the bolder and brighter colors in the room. It can also convey a soft elegance. Some of the hardware in your kitchen, such as drawer handles, may pair beautifully with gray.


The right shade of green can help produce a calming effect and give your kitchen an earthier atmosphere. It’s also a versatile color. Some shades of green are more muted, while others are more vibrant. A green island can work well both for a sleek, modern kitchen and for a kitchen that has an old-fashioned charm.


With a deep, vibrant blue, you can make a bold statement with your kitchen island. Or you can choose a more muted shade of blue and produce an effect of stateliness and calm. Blue is a rich color that goes well with many other typical kitchen colors, such as cream, gray, and brown. It also suits a variety of styles, such as coastal or marine. Depending on the shade, it can add a lovely airiness to the room or a bit of mystery and drama.


Do you really want your kitchen island to stand out? Consider painting it red. You don’t need a loud shade of red. Even a more muted red can produce a beautiful, attention-grabbing effect, especially when the rest of the kitchen is in quieter colors. The warmth of red can make it especially suitable for your kitchen, which is a room associated with heat, nourishment, and closeness.

Other Interior Painting Decisions

Along with your personal preference for a certain color, you need to think about other factors when choosing the right paints for your kitchen island. A reputable painting contractor will make sure that you aren’t overlooking anything.

Paint Finish

When you’re painting your kitchen island or engaging in a broader project of cabinet painting, you need to decide on the finish you’ll use. There are multiple varieties with different levels of reflectivity.

For kitchens, satin and semi-gloss are both popular choices. They can add a subtle glow to the kitchen, and they’re typically easy to clean. If you use high-quality products and apply them correctly, your paint job will also prove resilient against moisture and heat exposure.


Should your kitchen island have the same color as all of your cabinetry? If not, what are the best contrasts? Reputable interior painters can help you evaluate different color combinations and decide what works best for your kitchen.

Also, there’s more to your kitchen’s appearance than its color scheme. The size of your kitchen, the textures of its surfaces, and the style of decorations you’ve chosen all combine to produce a certain look and atmosphere. In different ways, your kitchen island can blend in or stand out.


Even if you like a certain color, it may not look great in the lighting of your kitchen. How much natural light does your kitchen receive? How much of it falls on the island? You also need to consider what each paint choice would look like in artificial lighting.

Your Plans

If you’re planning to sell or rent out your home, you may want to opt for a neutral color when painting your kitchen island. Neutral colors, such as gray, have a broad appeal. Gray can also be combined with other colors, such as blue, to produce a lovely effect that isn’t too bold.

However, if you’re happier with bolder or more quirky colors, you can choose what suits you, especially if you have no immediate plans to put your home on the market.

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