Have you been considering upgrading the look of your house? Or are you considering selling soon? If so, you should consider swapping out your look for home interior paint colors that reflect the beauty and serenity of Castle Rock CO. An expert residential painter is the best option to guarantee a professional, quality job on your home.

Why Choose a Professional?

A lot of homeowners think they can complete a home painting on their own, but a quality painting contractor is an investment in your home. Upgrading the look of your house is easy with a fresh coat of paint done by professionals who have all the tools and expertise to complete the job right. And for homeowners who are considering selling soon, using a quality painting contractor is an important part of prepping your home for potential buyers. They will be able to see that care has gone into the maintenance and beautification of the home, adding curb appeal to the home and making it easier for your home to stand out from other listings. A professional painter can do it right and add value to your home.

Trending Colors: What to Choose in 2022

When the decision is made to upgrade your home’s interior with a quality house painting, choosing the right hues is important. Selecting one of the latest hot color trends will give your home a major impact and a contemporary feel at the same time. This year, the trend in home paint colors is moving to more a serene, calming color palette. Some top paint brands are forecasting earthy tones as well, bringing in a feeling of relaxation to the home. Let’s look at some of the hot hues of 2022 that you should consider as you add gorgeous new color to your home.

  • GRAY GREEN – Green hues were the go-to colors in 2021, hitting just about every room in the home including kitchens. The good news is that this soothing shade is sticking around for 2022, but we expect this hue to go earthier this year with gray undertones reminiscent of a foggy forest. All the paint experts agree. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and PPG all have chosen Gray Green as their color of the year.
  • PALE PEACH – It’s no secret that colors evoke emotions, and this season’s Pale Peach is a great example of how a hue can make you feel brightly optimistic. This color and the energy it brings will be popping up all over homes in 2022. One of our favorite new paint brands, Backdrop, just added this cheerful color to their new curated color collection. Using trendy home interior paint colors to add in a bit of happiness to a room just got a little easier this year.
  • BEACHY BLUE/ GREEN – This blissful hue brings the stunning blues and greens of the ocean to your home. Beachy Blue/Green feels like a breath of fresh air that is equal parts gorgeous watery green and serene blue sky. This tranquil tone is perfect for bringing understated ease to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, and we expect this striking color to be one of the top trendy picks this year too.
  • GRAPHITE GRAY – Our last trendy color of 2022 is darker and moodier than the other relaxing, calming hues predicted to be hot this year. Graphite Gray’s rich, dark hue will be popular everywhere like walls, cabinetry and even on ceilings. An ideal partner to other neutrals like white, cream and tan, Graphite Gray will add depth to homes this year with its unusual but welcomed dark hue. This trendy color should be popular with designers this year as well since it is a perfect complement to many color palettes.

Getting Started on Your Interior Painting Project

Now that you know which trendy colors will bring a fresh new look to your home’s interior, choose the right company for quality house painting to help you get the job done. The professionals at Barco’s Painting can help you decide which hues work best for your home refresh this year or to make sure you pick the right colors to get your home ready to sell. Our professional consultation services will assist you in color selection as well as set up our home painting services to work around your family’s schedule and needs.

Homeowners in Castle Rock CO choose Barco’s Painting Let our painting experts help you discover your home’s best look with a new coat of paint. Call us today for a free consultation to discuss your painting needs. We can assist in paint selection and our Castle Rock CO quality house painting services will work around your family’s schedule to bring your vision to life.