When you paint the inside of your home, you are probably obsessed with choosing the best colors for its walls. However, few people consider the ceiling of a room. In fact, using an interesting manner to paint the ceiling can brighten the area and can add charm to the space. Thanks to the latest home decorating trends, a painting contractor can turn your ceiling from drab to fab without hassle. With a bit of creativity, a room’s ceiling can become a statement piece. At Barco’s Painting, we are inside house painters who think out of the box and who are ready to leave a unique imprint on your house.

1. Metallic Paint

In certain cases, some people decorate with tin or a similar metal on the ceiling of a room. If you like this idea, which brings regalness to a space, you may choose to use a metallic color paint. This is much easier to apply than tiles and gives the appearance of metal without the fuss. When your ceiling looks like it is crafted from metal, you can match your fixtures to the decorating scheme. However, it is important not to have too many accessories in the room. This will take away from the unique metallic color on the ceiling.

2. Patterned Ceiling Paint

If you are feeling extremely adventurous, one design trend that you might want to consider is a patterned ceiling. This will be fun for a family room or a child’s bedroom. You can choose to paint stripes or a geometric design. In the beginning, you may think that this will create a sense of chaos in a room. However, it will add some whimsy or excitement to your space. Your kids will love the unique style. To keep things from getting too out of hand, you can keep things simpler in the rest of the room.

3. Basic Black Paint

Although you may feel like black is boring, it is a great paint color for a room’s ceiling. For example, it is a smart choice for a basement rec room, especially if you have pipes or old beams that you want to disguise. A black ceiling brings elegance and drama to a fancy dining room or a bedroom as well. To tie into the look of the ceiling, fixtures can be gold or black. Black paint can make an extra-high ceiling appear lower as well. This is especially important with an older home that may feel cold and unwelcoming.

4. Decorate with Wood

There is nothing more cozy than the look of a log cabin. If you want to create a rustic look within your Castle Rock CO home, consider using wood paneling or planks on your home’s ceiling. The wood can be stained to fit with the style that you are looking to achieve. For example, you can paint the wood white to get the look of a cottage. On the other hand, you can stain it darker for a more traditional feel. Besides adding a unique touch to the room, wood is a natural insulator. This means that sound will be contained better within the space.

5. Stencils

Stencils have become part of cutting-edge decor. To create a whimsical child’s room, you can select a fun design and use a bright color on your ceiling. For an elegant bedroom, you can select a modern design and use a neutral paint color. Stencils work especially well in rooms with tray ceilings. You can use the stencil as the border around the space. For a regal finish, you can use gold paint. Although it may be difficult for you to achieve neat and even results, a professional will be able to help.

Reasons to Receive Help from a Painting Contractor

Professional inside house painters bring a number of advantages to the decorating process. To begin, they have experience and the necessary tools that will ensure beautiful results. They will know the best paints to use and can recommend colors that will make your home look its best. Also, they will begin the job by securing the area and completing the job quickly. This means that there are no messes, and you can spend your time doing more important things from your busy schedule. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about falling off of a ladder. When you want to make a statement on your home’s ceiling, work with the painting experts at Barco’s. Our team is licensed and insured, which means that you receive reliable customer service. We will turn your dreams into reality without breaking your budget. To schedule an appointment, call us at 303-598-8102.