Stay Motivated with a Private Home Gym

While finding a way to start working on your fitness goals can be a challenge, sticking with your efforts on a regular basis is another obstacle to conquer. Between the time and effort required to travel to a gym, it is easy to lose motivation and to think of better ways to spend your time. However, when you have a private gym in your Castle Rock CO home, there are no excuses. Simply identify the area of your home that you want to convert to a gym and hire an interior painting contractor to start the renovation.

The color selection for your home painting project is crucial to your fitness experience. This is because color can impact energy levels and mood. There is no best color for a home gym. After all, each person has unique challenges and preferred workout routines. Through a careful review of the options, you can more easily select the perfect colors for your painting contractor to apply to your new gym’s walls.

Why Color Matters

Initially, you may be inclined to apply your favorite color to the walls. After all, you plan to spend plenty of time in this space, and you want the color to be appealing. However, the psychology of color comes into play. Some colors that elevate energy levels could be a better fit for cardio-based or strength workouts. On the other hand, colors that support a low-stress environment may be a better fit for Pilates, stretching, yoga and other similar activities. With so many beautiful colors to choose from for your home painting project, what should you know before you request an interior painting estimate?

Warm, Intense Shades

Brilliant colors, like red and orange, have a stimulating property that can help you to keep your energy level up through grueling workouts. If you have trouble staying motivated to finish a workout, these colors could be ideal for your space. However, it can be overbearing to paint an entire room such an intense color. Because of this, people who choose to incorporate red or orange in their home gym often will create an accent wall with more subdued shades on the other walls.

Quiet Tones

While some colors boost energy levels, others help you to let go of stress through relaxation. These colors, which include smoky gray, light blue and light green, have a laid-back vibe. This makes them ideal for home gyms that may be used for stretching, yoga and other more serene activities.

Cool, Steady Colors

For some people, fiery colors like red and orange could result in such high energy levels that they burn themselves out. If you find yourself pushing too hard without giving yourself the breaks your body needs, consider using a cool tone. A cool color, such as bright gray or blue, could help you to maintain a steady, moderate energy level.

Earthy Tones

Do you enjoy mixing things up with both low-key and intense workouts from time to time? A great option in this case is to choose earthy, neutral tones for your home gym. In addition to being multipurpose, earthy tones can quiet a busy, cluttered space.

Finishing Touches

Hiring an interior painting contractor in Castle Rock CO will get you well on your way to having the perfect home gym, but there are numerous other finishing touches to plan for as well. For example, your gym will likely have a full array of fitness equipment. This could include dumbbells, toning bands, floor mats, jump ropes and more. Your gym will need organizational features to keep the space neat. A bonus feature that you may enjoy thoroughly is a small fridge placed in the corner of the gym. Lighting should also be carefully considered. The light should be bright enough to elevate your energy level without being overpowering. A great way to magnify gym lighting is with a mirrored wall. A large mirror also helps you to perfect your form and to make a smaller gym feel larger. There are numerous other personal touches that you can add, such as a whiteboard, motivational quotes and more.

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