It’s generally not a good idea to paint the outside of your Castle Rock CO home during the winter months. This is because it is generally too cold for the paint to effectively stick to your home’s siding. However, it’s also not a good idea to repaint exterior surfaces during the mid-summer months either. Let’s take a closer look at how heat and humidity can impact paint and what you can do to avoid issues during an exterior painting project.

How Does Heat Impact Paint?

As a general rule, extreme heat makes it impossible for paint to fully cure. Therefore, it is more vulnerable to chipping, flaking and running, and it may also be vulnerable to being washed away during a rain event. You should also know that paint that hasn’t fully cured isn’t able to provide adequate protection against wind, sun or other types of damage.

Your House Is Typically Hotter Than the Surrounding Air

Your home’s siding can do a great job of retaining heat, which means that the surface temperature of your house is likely going to be much warmer than the air temperature. This is especially true if your home is exposed to the sun throughout the day. In most cases, surfaces that are exposed to the sun will be 10 to 20 degrees warmer than those not exposed to the sun.

Therefore, on extremely hot days, it may be necessary to complete an exterior painting project during the early morning or evening hours to ensure that it can be done properly. The exterior home painting services providers at Barco’s Painting will work with you to create a schedule that meets your needs while also taking weather conditions into account.

How Does Humidity Impact an Exterior Painting Project?

Humidity can also make it harder for paint to cure because it adds moisture to the air that can slow the drying process. Furthermore, humidity can alter the chemical makeup of the paint, which may make it harder to apply correctly or in a timely manner.

What Can Be Done to Avoid Problems Caused by Extreme Heat and Humidity?

In addition to scheduling a painting project for early or late in the day, there are a multitude of steps that can be taken to avoid weather-related issues. For example, it may be possible to paint portions of the house that are not exposed to direct sunlight first.

This may be ideal because those surfaces will likely remain cool and dry enough to work on during the hottest parts of the day. If necessary, other surfaces can be painted after a period of extreme heat and humidity pass. Of course, in some cases, this may mean that you’ll have to wait several days before the project can continue.

It may also be easier to start a project in areas that are covered by lighter colors. Lighter colors such as white or tan tend to reflect more of the sun’s rays, which means that they won’t get as hot. In fact, it may also be best to use lighter colors on your home’s exterior if you want it to remain cooler during future heat waves.

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Our Team Can Work in Most Weather Conditions

We want to stress that our team is capable of working effectively in almost any type of weather conditions. Therefore, we don’t necessarily have to abandon our work just because the mercury is starting to climb. However, it may take more time to paint as it may take additional coats to get the coverage that your home needs.

The Sun Will Likely Influence Your Home’s Appearance

It’s worth noting that the sun will influence how your home looks from the outside regardless of when it is painted. For example, surfaces that are directly exposed to it will appear brighter than surfaces that aren’t. Therefore, it may be a good idea to use lighter shades of whatever color you choose to cover siding that will receive a lot of sunlight. Alternatively, you will want to use a darker shade of whatever color is used to cover siding that doesn’t receive as much natural light. If you are ready to paint your Castle Rock CO home, don’t hesitate to contact Barco’s Painting today. Our team of qualified professionals knows almost everything about paint and how to apply it. Therefore, you can feel good about getting the most for your money. Prior to any work being done on your property, we’ll talk about color and paint options as well as provide a free price quote and estimated project timeline.