Interior painting is a large project, particularly if you want to complete it all at once. Naturally, people have plenty of questions about the process. Namely, how frequently should you paint your house? There isn’t a single correct answer. However, there are certain factors you should consider before undertaking painting your home in Castle Rock CO, such as the amount of time you spend in a specific room, the purpose of the room, and the wear and tear. Rooms you spend much time on will probably need fresh paint more often, while other rooms can go for years without being painted. Of course, there will be times when the decisions are dictated solely by the furnishings you have chosen to put in a space, and you may find that certain areas need updating more regularly than others.

How Often Should Interior Room Be Painted?

The average lifespan of a freshly painted room is between five and ten years, depending on the quality of the paint and the level of preparation that goes into it. But the more lived-in areas will need new coats of paint more often.

Painting Your Bedroom

Because most adults don’t utilize their bedrooms, you won’t need to repaint them often, and a single coat of paint may often remain in place for five years or more. However, the story is different in kids’ bedrooms. A child’s bedroom has a lot more activity since it sometimes serves as a playroom. Therefore, the walls in your child’s bedroom are more prone to dirt or damage due to increased activity. Hence, professional painters recommend that you choose a paint finish with a high resistance to wear and tear, such as eggshell or even pearl sheen, when painting a child’s room. Even with long-lasting paint, you’ll need to wash the walls more often, so plan on repainting in three to four years, if not sooner.

Repainting Your Dining and Living Room

Since you don’t use your formal living or dining room as often as other rooms in the house, the paint can generally stay longer. Pieces of Furniture function as a barrier between people and the walls in your living room, preventing people from touching the walls. In most cases, you’re more likely to repaint because you want a stylistic update than damage. The wall paint gaps can last for as long as seven years.

Repainting Your Cooking Area

The kitchen is often the hub of household activity because, as the saying goes, it’s where the heart is. The kitchen has a lot of traffic, so the space takes a beating. Because there are usually people in the kitchen, the walls are touched and knocked against more frequently than in other rooms. Kitchen walls also get dirty more quickly because of cooking splatters, grease, and preparing food. It means you must clean the walls more often, which can shorten the life of your paint. Kitchens need more frequent painting than other rooms, even if you choose the most durable paint finishes. It would help if you painted your kitchen every three to four years at the absolute least.


The bathroom is another high-traffic area of the house: especially smaller bathrooms and powder rooms where visitors are more likely to brush up against the walls. Nonetheless, the primary problem in bathrooms is humidity and moisture, which may reduce the lifespan of your paint. Therefore, you should hire inside house painters to repaint your bathrooms and other high-humidity rooms every three to four years, such as laundry rooms.


People walk through the hallways and corridors of your house more often than in any other room in your household. That’s why scratches, scuffs, and other signs of use are so prevalent on those walls. You can keep the paint looking new by hiring inside house painters to update the paint every two to three years. Barco’s Painting is your best option for high-quality interior painting in Castle Rock CO. With years of expertise in home renovation and a track record of exceptional customer service, Barco’s Painting makes your home improvement ideas and ambitions a reality. Furthermore, our qualified and insured crew of helpful professionals will complete your project on schedule and within your budget. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.