If you have a dated brick fireplace, you can hire brick painting services to give your fireplace a new look in time for the holidays. In addition to giving your fireplace a fresh modern look, brick painting is more affordable compared to building a new fireplace.

Moreover, old fireplaces which have soot stains that have accumulated over the years tend to darken a room’s atmosphere, making it appear depressing and unexciting. Interior painting will help to brighten up the fireplace and lighten your room.

Here are a few indicators that will let you know whether the painted brick surface will look good.

The Color Matches with the Rest of the Room

Choosing the right color for your brick fireplace can be overwhelming. If you are unsure about the best shade of paint, we recommend using neutral colors for the brick painting. You can never go wrong with neutral colors because they can blend well with any color scheme. Some of the best neutral colors that we would recommend for your interior painting project include brown, white, grey, and ivory.

If you are aiming for a contemporary look, consider painting your fireplace black. You can also paint two shades to make your brick fireplace more vibrant. Moreover, you can use online tools that create a virtual appearance of how your home will look using virtual paint colors.

For example, you can pick color combinations like blue and green or white and black to make your fireplace stand out. If you pick the wrong color, you might end up with an unsightly fireplace that ruins the entire room’s look.

The Fireplace Stands Out

The painted brick fireplace will look incredible if it stands out from the rest of the room. You can use the fireplace as an accent feature to add more depth and taste to the room by painting a contrasting shade of paint.

Instead of brick painting your fireplace the same shade as the rest of the walls, you can hire interior painting services to paint contrasting colors that will give your fireplace a bold striking look. If the walls of the room are light, consider using a darker color for your brick fireplace and vice versa.

The Fireplace Dates the Rest of Your Interior

Most fireplaces will add a rustic classic look to your home. However, if the brick fireplace is too old, especially if it was constructed a few decades back, it may give your home an unattractive outdated look. Thanks to interior painting, you do not need to tear down your outdated fireplace. All you have to do is hire brick painting experts that will transform your fireplace into a modern chic fireplace using the right type of paint.

You could also look up trending interior painting styles and apply them to upgrade the look of your fireplace. One of the most trending interior painting techniques is a streamlined look, whereby the fireplace and the wall are a similar shade. Also, you can consider whitewashing the brick fireplace instead of painting it if you are aiming for a rustic modern appeal.

Seek Interior Painting Advice from Experts

If you still feel uncertain about the best colors to use for brick painting and you want your fireplace to look amazing, you can reach out to us for consultation. In addition to offering the best interior painting services, Barco’s Painting in Castle Rock CO can also help you pick the best interior painting for your fireplace that matches your home’s color scheme.

Our clean, efficient, and organized team of brick painting experts offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as 15 years of experience and outstanding customer service in Castle Rock CO. Give Barco’s Painting a call today to get a quote from outstanding painting experts who also know everything about decorating brick fireplaces.