Are you trying to decide if now is the right time to paint your home’s exterior? In Castle Rock CO, exterior materials on home are exposed to everything from damaging pests to strong winds, heavy rains, UV rays, snow and more. Between the effects of time and these various forces, your home’s paint job can take a beating. Barco’s Painting is the Castle Rock area painting contractor that many of your neighbors throughout the community have already entrusted with their home improvement projects, and our painters will work diligently to create lovely results that you will thoroughly enjoy.

When to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

An exterior painting project with flawless workmanship will elevate your home’s aesthetics, improve its condition and protect it from a variety of damages. It could even elevate its property value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. As beneficial as outside house painting can be, you understandably may want to extend the life of your current paint job as much as possible. How can you know when you should book a painting contractor to work on your home?

Unsightly Mildew

When mildew growing on the exterior of your home is properly addressed as soon as possible, it may not have time to do permanent damage. On the other hand, it can cause permanent staining and other types of damages when it is not thoroughly removed as soon as possible. If mildew growth on your home cannot be removed by hand or with a pressure washer, the surface materials should be replaced. Once they have been replaced, our painters will clean the entire exterior of the home, caulk cracks and take other preliminary steps before painting the home a lovely color.

Damaged Exterior Surfaces

One of the amazing qualities of paint is that it can protect and seal all of the exterior materials that it is applied to. For example, it can prevent wood rot, cracked stucco and more. When the paint’s lifespan has run its course or when the paint has been damaged, the underlying materials are vulnerable to past damage, weather-related issues and more. If you notice any signs of damaged surfaces, such as cracked stucco, wood rot or other similar issues, it is tie to book outside house painting service with our licensed and insured painters. The surfaces that are already damaged may need to be replaced, caulked or repaired in other ways before the application of fresh paint. However, remedying the issue today could be an instrumental step in safeguarding your home from serious damage in the future.

Flaked or Bubbled Paint

If you have not done so recently, now is the perfect opportunity to carefully analyze the condition of your home’s paint. While many factors will impact the longevity of your home’s paint job, you can expect it to provide you with at least five to seven years of use. Once it begins to bubble, crack or peel, however, it is time to repaint. These various issues can leave your home’s exterior vulnerable to mold growth, wood rot and various other issues. Because the old paint must be scraped away and the surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, the prep work for an exterior painting project may be more intensive that some people anticipate.

Colors Fading

It is easy to assume that faded paint on your home’s fascia, siding and other areas is an aesthetic issue. While it will undoubtedly make your home’s façade look poorly maintained and aged, faded paint can also lead to more pronounced property damage. Faded paint signifies that the upper layers of the paint have deteriorated and that the paint’s protective qualities are impaired. Repainting the home’s exterior now may prevent damage that could otherwise occur as the paint continues to deteriorate.

A Filmy Residue

Does your home’s exterior paint have a cloudy film over it? This film can actually be removed through pressure washing or even with a towel. While this is a quick solution, it is not a lasting one. The chalky substance is the result of the paint’s pigments separating from binding agents. Often, this is caused by UV damage and other natural forces. Because it signifies that the paint’s protective capabilities are impaired, this is a sure sign that outside house painting services are needed.

An Unpleasant Color

Some residents in Castle Rock move into a home with an unappealing color and with the intent to repaint as soon as possible. Others are unhappy with the paint color they have selected. At Barco’s Painting, we provide our clients with color selection assistance during the initial consultation. Through this extra effort, we do our part to ensure that our clients love the work that we do.

The Right Exterior Painters for the Job

Between replacing damaged materials, pressure washing the entire exterior of the home, caulking cracks and more, the prep work can take many long hours to complete. Priming, painting and cleaning the work area are also not steps to rush through. You need your house painted right, and you can rely on our experienced painters to produce beautiful results that elevate curb appeal and property condition.

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