We’ve all heard that the new year brings with it the chance to reinvent yourself – but what about your living space? Whether you’re living with outdated color trends, the ubiquitous rental beige, or a palette you just no longer love like you used to, there’s no easier way to give your home a complete overhaul than by changing paint color.

The 2023 Colors of the Year are finally here, bringing with them a whole range of imaginative decor schemes. Gone are the days when we had to content ourselves with a single “color of the year” – this year’s beautiful hues from various paint manufacturers will open a whole new world of inspiration.

Don’t have the free time or energy to dedicate to repainting a room or your entire house? A reliable painting contractor can have your new look ready in less time, with more precision, and less mess than trying to tackle it yourself.

Ready to get inspired? Let’s take a look at some of the seriously beautiful paint colors lined up for 2023.

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

HGTV fans will be thrilled to know that the beloved channel has teamed up with Sherwin-Williams to bring a range of 10 new vintage-inspired colors to homes across the country in 2023.

The year’s official HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams selection is Darkroom, a bold and rich black that can be combined with any of the other nine colors in the collection to create an effortlessly chic and moody backdrop to any office, kitchen, or living space.

Darkroom looks particularly appealing combined with the deep but comforting tones of the aptly named Hot Cocoa – or match it with the icy Austere Gray for a sleek ambiance.

Or, try pairing Austere Gray with the darker blue undertones of Wall Street for an elegant and serene bathroom, entryway, or meditation space.

Imagine yourself spending the darkest days of winter cozied up in a bedroom painted a rich and relaxing color like Poetry Plum, or enjoying a crackling fire in a living room painted an inviting shade of Pewter Green.

Restrained Gold lends itself to lively accents or even bold full-wall statements, while Natural Linen rounds out the collection as an intriguing neutral perfect for adding rich detail without competing for attention.

While many people find picking their paint colors to be half the fun of creating a new style, your painting contractor can always help point you in the right direction if you find yourself overwhelmed or stuck between options.

Regardless of what color(s) you choose from the HGTV Sherwin-Williams collection, you’re certain to have a beautiful backdrop to your 2023.

Valspar Colors

Valspar describes its twelve new colors of 2023 as “comfortable, joyous, and beautiful” and we think you’ll agree.

The foundation color is Cozy White, the perfect neutral and starting point on your color journey. Pair it with Ivory Brown for a timeless and sophisticated look, or expand into the collection’s bolder options, such as the deep midnight blue shade Everglade Deck, for a high contrast (and high interest) statement.

The majority of the Valspar collection is delicate shades that complement one another without overpowering a space. Holmes Cream is a deeper neutral perfect for any room in the house, while Villa Grey is a calming and relaxing choice for a bedroom or office.

Kids’ bedrooms or creative spaces will be perfectly suited to the understated but playful tones of the light purple Gentle Violet and light blue Rising Tide, while saturated greens such as the airy Green Trellis and soothing Flora are perfect for any transitional outdoor or nature inspired indoor space. Blue Arrow is a charming stormy blue that brings a sense of calm to any space – the perfect color to contemplate while enjoying a luxurious bubble bath.

The collection also contains some exciting shades that point to growing trends in 2023. Southern Road is a rich, beautiful clay color that would make for an intriguing accent wall – or add it to a full dining room or for a restrained sense of drama. Another bold yet earthy color from the collection is the warm terra cotta of Desert Carnation, perfect for accents or as its own unique statement – perhaps on a front door!

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