Whether your home painting project in Castle Rock CO covers one small room or it extends throughout the interior, you understandably have high expectations for what the finished product will look like. Paint color may receive the majority of your focus as you select the right supplies and materials for the job. However, your painting contractor also needs to know what finish you prefer. When you contact Barco’s Painting today for an interior painting estimate, we will ensure that you make a selection that produces the results you want to see. Are you wondering why paint finish matters? A closer look at the different finishes will reveal the answer.


A flat paint finish has minimal or no sheen. The lack of sheen means that the paint absorbs lights. Sheen has a tendency to magnify all flaws, so the lack of sheen makes flat paint well-suited for less-than-perfect surfaces. Notably, flat paint offers thorough coverage for faster and easier application. While flat paint has benefits, it also has several drawbacks. For example, it is notoriously difficult to clean, and it may not be as long-lasting as shinier paint finishes. With all of these factors in mind, flat paint is most often used in low-use areas of the home, such as a private study or a guest bedroom.


With up to a 10-percent paint sheen, matte paint has many of the same properties as flat paint. Because it has slightly more sheen, however, it is somewhat easier to clean than flat paint, and it is slightly more durable. However, it pales in comparison to the shinier paint finishes in these areas. It will show wall flaws more easily than flat paint, so it should only be used on quality surfaces. As is the case with flat paint, matte paint should not be used in high-traffic areas of the home.


Paint with an eggshell finish is noticeably shinier than matte and flat paint. In fact, this paint has up to a 25-percent gloss. The sheen has a tendency to magnify flaws, so considerable wall prep work may be needed before application if the surfaces are heavily worn. Eggshell paint is much easier to clean, but it is not as easy to keep clean as some of the glossier paint finishes. With these factors in mind, eggshell paint may be a good choice for hallways, living rooms and bedrooms.


Satin paint is somewhat glossier than eggshell paint with up to a 35-percent gloss. Its reflective properties can highlight flaws, so you may need to prepare surfaces carefully before satin paint is applied. Compared to other paint finishes described thus far, satin paint is the easiest to clean. This makes it well-suited for high-traffic areas of the home, such as bathrooms, kitchens, children’s play areas and bathrooms.


Semi-gloss paint can be very shiny. In fact, it has up to a 75-percent sheen. Walls flaws are highlighted well with this type of paint. However, the glossy finish makes this a durable paint that is suitable for high-traffic areas of the home. It also is easier to clean than many other options. While it may be used on kitchen and bathroom walls, its glossy nature makes it undesirable for other areas of the home. This is a great option for trim and door projects.


With an 85-percent sheen or higher, high-gloss paint has an almost glass-like quality. The paint draws attention to wall flaws. However, because of its sheen, it is not usually used on walls. Instead, it is suitable for use on trim, cabinets and doors because it is highly durable and easy to keep clean. Are you still trying to decide which paint color and finish to use for your next home painting project? At Barco’s Painting, we have many years of experience bringing our customers’ visions to life. Because we want you to love the end result that we produce, we offer complimentary color consultations to all of our customers. Before you stress any longer about your paint selection, contact an interior painting contractor in Castle Rock CO you can trust. Call or email our home painting team today to request a color consultation and an interior painting estimate.