If you are thinking of repainting one or more rooms in your house, you may still be debating about which paint color to use. Paint colors can exude certain feelings and inspire emotions or ideas. Before you pick a paint color, it helps to know the feelings it inspires. Our inside house painters know how to create the exact shade or hue you want. If you are looking for a skilled interior painting contractor in Castle Rock, Barco’s Painting is here to turn your ideas into reality. These are the main paint colors and their psychological significance.


As the boldest color choice, red is something that people who want to make a clear statement can use to accomplish that. Red exudes feeling of excitement, power and energy. However, it can also create feelings of aggression and may stimulate anger in some people. It is not a fantastic choice for a child’s bedroom, a home office or a room that you want to make a calm space. Red is better for entertaining, such as in a dining room or a social room. Darker red, such as burgundy or wine, can create a luxurious look that inspires confidence. Another good place for red is in the kitchen. Studies show that it can stimulate appetite.


Orange is also a stimulating color. Studies show that it has the ability to improve communication. It may be a good choice for a homeschooling room in a home, for a social room or for another public room. A lighter or pastel orange may be good for a sunroom or an enclosed porch.


Yellow is another color that is inspiring. It can create cheery feelings and boost energy. It is a good choice for a kitchen, a dining room or a social room. Also, it can be a nice color for a children’s playroom in a pastel hue or a brighter hue. Since it boosts energy, it is not an ideal choice for a young child’s bedroom or a room that is for relaxing and sleeping.


One of the most fascinating attributes of green is that it has been shown in studies to improve reading comprehension and speed. This makes it a good choice for a learning room, a child’s bedroom or a home library. Green comes in many hues, including pastel, sea green, forest green, royal green, olive and others. A darker green is good for a private room, such as a bedroom. Lighter green is soothing and can be calming in a guest bedroom. Green is versatile enough that you can use it about anywhere.


Blue is the best color for any private room, such as a bedroom or a family bathroom. It is also ideal for a family room. For energetic children, blue is a good bedroom color since it stimulates feelings of calmness. Blue has been shown in studies to reduce anxiety, lower heart rate and lower blood pressure. Family members with certain medical conditions may also benefit from blue in a room. Too dark of a blue may negatively affect depression for some people. Lighter blue and royal blue are more cheerful hues that still induce serenity.


Purple is another color that is good for both private and public rooms. For many centuries, it has been the signature color of royalty in various countries. Purple creates feelings of confidence and passion. Darker purple looks luxurious and is ideal for entertaining rooms, dining rooms, libraries and guest rooms. A lighter lavender or pastel purple can be an excellent choice for a child’s room. It is versatile enough that children of all ages can benefit from the calmness it exudes, making it a good selection for a room that children of multiple ages share.


Pink is a color that children may outgrow quickly or within a few years. For example, a younger child may find pastel pink appealing, but an older child may prefer bold or bright pink. As a soothing and cheerful color, pink can make any room feel like a more welcoming place. The color has been shown to induce feelings of empathy and compassion. This makes it a good choice for a nursery or a shared room for small children.

Finding an Interior Painting Contractor in Castle Rock CO

If you want any of these colors in one or more rooms of your home, our inside house painters can help you find the exact hue for your needs. Whether you want an accent wall, to repaint an entire room or to repaint every room in your house, we can help. We are fully licensed and insured to give you peace of mind that you can trust the results. Our professional team of tradespeople finish interior painting jobs within the set budget and on schedule. We have years of experience and a proven track record. For a free quote on interior painting in Castle Rock CO, please contact Barco’s Painting.