With temperatures dropping and days growing shorter, one thing is clear. The holidays are coming soon, and you need to start preparing for the festivities. In addition to pulling together a gift-giving list and making holiday travel plans, you may be preparing your home for seasonal entertaining. Whether you are hosting overnight guests or a large holiday party this season, you want your home to look amazing. Fresh paint can make your home seem warmer and livelier this season, so it is the perfect complement to holiday décor.

You want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to home improvements. At Barco’s Painting, we are your trusted painting contractor in Castle Rock CO, and our inside house painters are excited to help you beautify your space. Are you looking for a few great interior painting project ideas for your home?

1. Paint an Accent Wall

You do not have to repaint the entire interior of your home to see a major impact from a painting project. Our inside house painters can focus on creating a beautiful accent wall in one or several rooms in your home. An accent wall incorporates a splash of color into the room as a focal point. This small change can have a bold impact on your home’s décor.

2. Revitalize Old Cabinets

Replacing your old cabinetry may not be in the cards in the near future, but that does not mean you need to live with drab built-ins in the kitchen and bathrooms. We are the Colorado painters who can transform your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. We will professionally prepare and paint the cabinets to give them a like-new appearance that you will love this holiday season.

3. Infuse Your Rooms with Warm Tones

As the weather turns dreary outdoors, you understandably want your home to feel inviting and warm to your guests. The perfect way to improve the ambiance is by choosing a warmer color tone for the walls in your home’s common areas. From the kitchen and living room to the game room, dining room and more, these are spaces that will be well-used throughout the season and that deserve your attention today.

4. Focus on a Holiday Color Palette

Whether you want to repaint the guest bedroom before the in-laws arrive or have other painting projects in mind, consider selecting a color palette with your holiday décor in mind. Is your décor predominantly silver and red, gold and green, blue and white or another combination of colors? When you focus on your established holiday décor, you can choose paint colors that create a more complete, natural feel for the season.

The Painting Contractor Who Will Do the Job Right

Painting your home yourself this holiday season is far too messy and complicated, so you understandably want to let our experienced inside house painters do the hard work for you. Barco’s Painting is a painting contractor in Castle Rock CO that consistently focuses on customer satisfaction. Our licensed and insured team has extensive experience and knows how to bring your holiday vision to life.

Explore Color Options Today Are you ready to start preparing your home for the holidays? Your first step is to contact Barco’s Painting today for a color consultation. As your painting contractor in Castle Rock CO, we can also provide you with a free estimate and get you on the schedule for dates that work well with your holiday plans.