Why Should Work with a Professional Commercial Painting Company?

One of the main reasons why business owners hire commercial painting contractors is because it is less risky overall to work with professionals than to attempt a large-scale project using unqualified painters or staff. As a business owner in Castle Rock CO, it is important to consider these beneficial reasons to work with professional painters.

Better Safety Protocols

Without the right safety training and equipment, it can be hazardous to attempt a painting project. A commercial painting contractor stays current with the latest safety standards and regulations from OSHA. Commercial painters also have knowledge of different types of paint or processes and the right types of safety gear for each step.

Also, you can feel confident working with a licensed and insured company. It is common for people to make mistakes, such as using a dust mask instead of a respirator with the right filters, when sanding paint. If staff members do the painting and make such mistakes, they could get injured or sick, costing your business more money in multiple ways. You will have to spend time dealing with insurance issues, workers compensation and lost productivity.

Paint fumes can also be harmful if proper ventilation is not used. Fumes can cause headaches and may make some employees feel sick. Professional painters know how to minimize pollutants and use proper ventilation to keep everyone safer. While there may still be an inevitable paint smell when professionals handle the task, it will not be dangerous to workers who follow all the other safety guidelines while the painters are there. Accidents or injuries to your staff can happen in seconds, and the repercussions can last for years. It is much better to work with a painting company that has its own staff and insurance for such possibilities.

Lower Overall Cost

Investing in the latest equipment, including safety gear and tools, is expensive. In comparison with hiring a professional, it is costlier to invest in all the right equipment, training and supplies. Additionally, if anything goes wrong with the painting project, you may have to hire a professional anyway.

Unforeseen problems lead to unexpected delays, and those delays can cost you more in the end in lost business or productivity. While professional painters with experience in commercial or industrial painting know how to avoid mistakes, they are also insured in case anything goes wrong. This is added peace of mind and assurance that you’ll get the high-quality result you pay for.

Maximized Efficiency and Minimized Interruptions

As a business owner, you can greatly appreciate the combination of these two benefits. Professional commercial painters know how to work efficiently without cutting corners, and they can work with you to develop a plan to minimize interruptions. Professional painters learn about your daily operations, where employees spend most of their time and other important details.

They may be able to develop plans to paint after operational hours, on a weekend or during a slower time. If that cannot be arranged, they develop a plan with you to help you keep your staff productive and safe. For example, you can work with them to create a plan for foot traffic in areas where the painters work and discuss where to place important signs.

Maintain Employee Morale and Your Brand

If you and your employees try to tackle a painting project, it can negatively affect morale. Productivity often dips in such cases, and you may find that more workers call in sick, leaving you shorthanded on the project and for daily operational tasks. When you work with professionals from the start, it is much easier to adapt.

Also, if there are any problems that affect customers during a DIY project, they may leave negative reviews or talk about it to others in the area. Having professional commercial painters finish the project quickly and properly ensures that any gossip about your business after your project will be positive.

You can post photo updates of the project’s progress on your social media accounts, giving followers and customers something to feel like they are a part of and enjoy. Perhaps you can even construct a contest or a giveaway, and you can announce the winner with the final photo post. This can generate more interest and engagement, and it will help you strengthen your brand.

Why Choose Barco’s Painting for Commercial Painting in Castle Rock?

When it comes to hiring a professional painting contractor in Castle Rock CO, it is important to choose a company with experience in commercial and industrial painting. Barco’s Painting has been in business for over a decade and has handled many types of projects. These are some benefits of working with us:

  • We specialize in all types of commercial painting and specialty coatings.
  • We can still work efficiently in the most challenging environments.
  • We have a deep understanding of paint characteristics and properties.
  • We are familiar with the latest techniques and use the latest equipment.
  • We know how to match the right finishes to different types of substrates.

We take the time to get to know your business and your needs. Our team will also consult with you on your scheduling requirements, paint color preferences and more. When we set a time frame and cost estimate, rest assured that we will finish on schedule and within budget. Our team knows how to plan ahead to avoid any costly interruptions or other issues. We are fully insured and licensed. Please contact us for a free estimate.